Echo x's Oliver


Echo is a well built white/apricot standard F1 labradoodle.  Echo is a flat coated doodle and does shed moderately during the summer.  She is extremely athletic and would be a great agility dog.  She is very attentive and a fast learner.  She is loving, calm and is a wonderful pet.  Oliver is a cafe au lait colored (light chocolate) standard poodle with one of the calmest temperaments you could ask for in a stud.  He comes from a long line of professionally trained certified service dogs.  Echo had 12 puppies on 4/8/19.  We can already tell we will have coats ranging from flat to very curly.   This litter should be ready to go home in early-mid June.  Echo is a well built standard F1B labradoodle.  To reserve a spot for one of Echo's puppies please first fill out a puppy application and then a $200 nonrefundable deposit will hold your spot to pick out a puppy. 

Echo and Oliver's puppies are priced at $975 each.  We do offer transport for those too far to pickup so please ask us about it and pricing for your location!

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