Guardian Home Program

What is a Guardian Home?


A Guardian Home is a local family who is willing to provide a forever home for one of the dogs in our breeding program. By using Guardian Homes it allows us to grow our breeding program while giving the very best lives to our breeding dogs.  This allows breeding dogs to live with families rather than in kennels.  We are currently looking for great guardian homes for our breeding dogs, so if you are interested, please contact us!

Being a Guardian Home is a lot like being a foster family with the goal of permanently adopting the dog after their breeding  career is completed.  Doodle Dog Dare Ya retains ownership and breeding rights while the dog lives permanently with a family. It is our goal that all of our dogs live in a loving home and it allows us to remain kennel free. This is great for everyone, especially the dogs. 

Guardian families are responsible for normal dog care including but not limited to: training, socialization, vet expenses (non-breeding related), food, grooming and plenty of love and affection.  Doodle Dog Dare Ya pays for all breeding related expenses. 

The deposit of a dog in our Guardian Program is greatly reduced from our pet puppy price.   The deposit is returned to you after the dog completes their breeding career.

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home or have questions regarding our Guardian Program, please contact us and we would love to discuss our current and future availability. 

Becoming a Guardian Home

For more details on becoming a Guardian Home please fill out our puppy application and we will get back with you within 24 hours.  Thanks for considering this fantastic partnership opportunity!